Design Elements

The following are examples of website home page design elements.  Please reference our home page - to see how each of these page elements looks in the final design.

Each element will be included in the website we build for you, but with your content and images.  These are just examples so you can have a reference what we are talking about in our list of items we need from you.

Organization Logo

Menu Items

Image slider:

The area marked by the arrows below is called an "image slider", where there is a series of images that rotate through a cycle to show different scenes or highlight different products or services you offer.  Not every site will have an image slider - some will use only one static image.  Others will use a video in this area.  These options are available during the initial consult and quote provided.

Homepage elements or feature boxes:

Home page elements examples.  Your site will differ in the elements you want in the home page.  The image to the left shows our full home page, and numbers the different elements we included in our page, just as examples to give you an idea of what we are requesting when we talk about the elements in your new site.

  1. Call to action button
  2. Web design box
  3. Mobile web design box
  4. Search engine optimization box
  5. Website hosting box
  6. Email hosting box
  7. Customer service box
  8. Our projects box
  9. Testimonials box
  10. Latest news box
  11. Map to office
  12. Call to action footer element

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