Email Protection & Scanning

Biz Tools One provides two key modules for protecting your email from viruses, malware, and malicious links that can come and go in your email systems.  With most companies, there are several employees opening email, opening attachments, clicking on links, etc.  Any one of these actions on an email from a hacker can result in disaster for your company.  These two modules go a long way towards protecting you and your company resources from these intrusions.


Total Email Security

Protect your users around the clock with CloudFilter™ email security. CloudFilter™ effectively stops spam, viruses, & malware in the cloud. Suspicious messages are held in quarantine for review, while good email is delivered to the end user.

  •  Spam/malware blocking
  •  Inbound rules
  •  Daily user email reports
  •  DHA and DoS protection

Inbound/Outbound protection from harmful spam, viruses, and malware

CloudFilter stops the junk and lets the good email through. Messages which contain offensive, harmful, or policy violating content are held in quarantine, while any good messages continue on their way to the end user.

CloudFilter can be working for you in less than an hour. All it takes is a quick MX record change on your mail server to direct your email through our secure filtering systems.


Enhanced Outbound Security

Stop bad email from leaving your organization while staying compliant. When your email users send out confidential files or messages caught as spam, it can severely damage the reputation of your business.

  •  Outbound notifications
  •  Outbound rules
  •  Expanded quarantine
  •  Reputation protection

Safeguard business integrity with policy-based outbound compliance

Inadvertently sending spam and viruses makes you look bad. SafeSend from Mailprotector takes all the awesome features of CloudFilter’s advanced filtering systems and adds quarantine management, email footers, TLS encryption enforcement and policy based compliance.

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