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Responsive website designBiz Tools One specializes in responsive website design. All new sites we build today are “mobile-responsive.”  This means that the site elements grow and shrink gracefully depending on the size of the screen viewing the site.  Large desktop screens see a full view of all images and content.  Those viewing from the modern tablets such as iPads will see a scaled down version of the same site.  Those viewing from mobile phones will see a much more compact version of your site with the critical information positioned for them to view.

We see up to 70% of visitors viewing sites through a mobile device. One in seven visitors that see a mobile version of a website will visit that business location.  Any new website design you are considering must be mobile friendly to accommodate those users viewing from their mobile device.  In addition, Google and the other major search engines will rank your site poorly or not at all if a user is searching for your services from a mobile device and you don’t pass their “mobile-friendly” tests.

We have many examples of mobile-responsive, mobile-friendly websites.  These include the site you are viewing now.  Here’s just a few of the others we have built recently:,,,,,, and many more.

Even if we do not host or manage your primary website, we can develop a mobile website design for you that automatically appears on a mobile device when someone visits your website.

Does your site give a great first impression when someone views it through a mobile device? Call us today to see how we can develop a cutting edge site that will attract visitors from all user devices to your website!





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